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Our offer, localized in the Canary Islands , is endowed with maximum functionality and home automation technology, that is how we manage to organize the offices with the best bet for economy, comfort and efficiency.

We offer a site specially designed for every need: coworking, meeting rooms, virtual offices, offices, shared work spaces and private offices in the innovative Business Center in Las Palmas . We manage an ideal environment in Las Palmas to be rented for hours, weeks or months, paying less and improving expenses with integral services.

We are the perfect alternative to traditional rentals, because by contacting our Business Center in Las Palmas you will achieve higher savings in the initial assembly that will allow for a minimum investment with the best location. But, if you do not need a physical office we have virtual spaces with the best value for the money in the sector.

You can start to develop your activities today in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria , with total flexibility and without worrying about anything, because we take care of everything so that you start to operate your project with greater profitability in our coworking in Las Palmas.


In our Business Center in Las Palmas , our team of qualified professionals will help you focus on the development of your business. Now you can share an optimum work environment with all the equipment required by offices and meeting rooms, without any big investments so you can start with full performance from day one.


We put at your disposal the most current technology with the advantages of the Business Center in Las Palmas and we care about all the details that your company needs, we share experiences and breathe innovation in each space realizing your ideas in Gran Canaria .

Virtual office

We also rent your virtual office in the Business Center in Las Palmas facilitating a physical domicile for your companies so that you can carry out your activity with professionalism and speed in an increasingly competitive world.


Located in strategic points in Las Palmas , our prestigious center is recommended by 100% of the satisfied customers who rely on our know-how.

I'm your business center

As experts in the sector we have the best multidisciplinary team, which takes great care of offering great office rentals in Las Palmas with all the advantages.

In our Business Center in Las Palmas you will find everything you are looking for, from a collaborator who will adapt the place with all the facilities, to a creative environment where you can communicate with a great diversity of professionals to share your work.

We are continuously evolving in Gran Canaria and we anticipate to your priorities with all the innovation you expect to find, that is why our services are differential at the Business Center in Las Palmas.

Work Spaces

Why choose us

When we considered the creation of the Business Center in Las Palmas we had one main purpose: conceiving an integral option with maximum well-being and satisfaction for the clients. Our evolution has allowed us to raise expectations and today, we invite you delegate everything involving the setup of your office with the benefits of the business center in Las Palmas.

Business Center in Las Palmas retains its philosophy of service and work, based on resolution, efficiency, quality and innovation, with our office rentals in Las Palmas we are creating flexible spaces to choose your business form, sharing the environment for hours, days and years with “all inclusive”.

We offer places with different dimensions for one person or a team and always equipped with cutting edge technology, on top of the most avant-garde furniture in the Canary Islands.

  • In these shared spaces you can count on a desk conditioning conveniently inIn these shared spaces you can count on a desk conditioning conveniently ina sociable environment and in your virtual office in Las Palmas you willmanage the image of your company with all the services.
  • Our spaces are ready so that today you can start working, hiring the options that you prefer in Business Center in Las Palmas.
  • We help you choose among the various levels of subscription that we offer in office rentals in Las Palmas , adapted to your budget.
  • We organize the perfect site for your meetings, interviews, training days and other needs, always with all the necessary elements: projectors, WiFi, whiteboards, sound, etc. And, in addition, you have the possibility to enjoy the common areas of the Business Center in Las Palmas.
  • We present creative formats of spaces that surprise because of their versatility and we boost your creativity from the first day with an office totally installed by our experts.

  • We know exactly what you need and we invite you to get to know our carefully decorated environments with in warm and elegant styles in the Business Center in Las Palmas.
  • We stand out with great prestige in coworking in Gran Canaria , thanks to our solid experience and growth in the market and the services provided to our clients throughout these years.

  • We currently continue to apply excellence in our Business Center in Las Palmas as the fundamental principle and are permanently growing with quality services at the best price.

We offer effective solutions and manage the hirings with qualified professionals, fulfilling all your expectations in the cozy facilities. Unlike other proposals, discretion is an added value and many people do not realize that they work in a shared space, especially if they are looking for more privacy in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria .
Consult the different plans that we offer without compromise and visit our website for the Business Center in Las Palmas , we will be glad to advise you and solve any question.
Find your ideal place to work, with all the benefits that we provide you can forget the costs of assembling your office and choose the most modern office in a shared space with affordable prices.

Las Palmas Business Center is the place you need to increase your creativity and improve your projects. Start to enjoy a new option in your work or profession today!

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Your business center in Las Palmas

Las Palmas Business Center es el centro de negocios que te ayudará a mejorar tu actividad profesional. Prueba nuestros servicios profesionales y da el cambio.


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